Waterproof flooring is no secret

We know that homeowners often have lots of questions about waterproof flooring. And we want to answer them. Helping you create your best floor is our goal. This flooring line has plenty of options to help you create a perfect surface in any room. Visuals, lifespan, and durability are a few ways this is possible. But there are even more features to help you create a successful flooring experience.

What is waterproof flooring?

Waterproof differs from water-resistant flooring in that it never takes on water damage. It all comes down to time, as water resistance will give you more time to clean up dampness, spills, or humidity. When a floor covering is entirely waterproof, you'll enjoy complete peace of mind.

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Choose visuals you'll love

Waterproof vinyl flooring makes it possible to create wood, stone, and tile looks. With the wide variety of colors, textures, and formats available, you can match any decor. Enjoy a perfect match for existing options or create something brand new.

Waterproof vinyl and durability

Waterproof vinyl flooring brings you fantastic added benefits. Scratch, stain, scuff, and dent protection help your floors look and perform better. It's a perfect addition to even your busiest areas, especially if you have pets or children. Consider adding a few rugs or runners if you'd like extra protection. In high-traffic areas, this can help keep traffic and debris off the surface of your waterproof flooring. But, again, you'll see a definite difference, especially over time.
Waterproof flooring in Cumming, GA from Alan's Flooring

Waterproof flooring installation and care

Installing waterproof vinyl is quick, easy, and usually takes a single day or less. Choosing a floating option gives you the fastest installation. Pieces click together and lock into place for beautiful results. Cleaning and maintenance are easy too. A broom and damp mop keep these floors looking great for years to come. If you have more questions, be sure to visit us and speak with an associate today.

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At Alan's Flooring, you'll find an excellent variety of waterproof flooring for your home. Our associates bring years of experience to your remodel. Our goal is your complete satisfaction, and no project is too large or small. From our Cumming, GA showroom, we cater to communities like Cumming, GA, Augusta, GA, Savannah, GA, Columbus, GA, and Macon, GA. Get your waterproof flooring or water-resistant flooring by visiting our showroom. We look forward to helping you create your best floors, so visit us today.