Child-friendly flooring that works

Child-friendly flooring that works

So often, homeowners limit their new floors to products they've heard about in passing. So, for instance, you might shy away from carpeting when looking for child-friendly flooring.

The good news is there’s a child-friendly flooring option in every product line in the flooring industry. So when you're ready to start shopping, consider what these materials could do for you.

Child-friendly carpet is available

Carpet is a superb choice if you have children in your home. It's soft, comfortable, and helps prevent falls and the injuries that often accompany them.

But the right carpet choices can also prevent stains, crushing, and premature wear on your new floors, even in your busiest spaces. Ask about fantastic fibers and built-in protection that can change everything you thought you knew about carpet flooring.

Luxury vinyl guards against child’s play

We know that our children can run on what seems to be an endless supply of energy. Their play can take on great imagination and extensive flooring wear, especially with toys in tow.

Luxury vinyl resists that wear, protecting against scratches, stains, dents, and water damage. These floors can last more than 20 years with complete imperviousness to water.

Laminate is another great choice

Our flooring company offers laminate, which has many of the same benefits as luxury vinyl concerning wear. But the water-resistance or waterproof properties protect from the top down.

Take your time to ask about all the features of laminate. It could be an excellent placement in your child’s room.

Ask our associates about a perfect match for your home

The staff at Alan's Flooring are always available to answer questions and help you browse our extensive flooring industry. We aim to cater to your most essential flooring needs, no matter how large your remodel is.

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